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MBA Student

Women Shine Bright in Los Angeles at Forté’s Annual MBA Conference

by Meredith Hunt

Forté put out the red carpet for its 2022 MBA Women’s Leadership Conference in Los Angeles – its first live conference since 2019. Find out which women leaders and topics took center stage this year.

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Diversity and Inclusion

What Authenticity in the Workplace Means to Five LGBTQ+ MBAs

by Elissa Sangster, CEO of Forté

Forté fosters a community of diverse business leaders whose personal identities and professional backgrounds strengthen our values of diversity and inclusion. We strive to build an inclusive culture where everyone is empowered to be the type of leader and role model…

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Women of Leadership Profiles

Sandra Forero Paves the Way for LatinX Women

Sandra Forero, a Principal and Chief Operating Officer of ZS, has been at the consulting firm her entire post-MBA career. After more than 20 years as a consultant focused on the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries, she continued to expand her…

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Career Stage

Five Leadership Lessons I Learned in Yoga Class

by Amy Orlov

I’ve learned countless leadership lessons from Jennifer Borrowman. She’s not a career coach. She’s not a colleague. She’s not even in the same field as me. Jen is my yoga teacher — and there’s a reason her classes at Purenergy Studio in…

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Congratulations, Class of 2022!

Seniors, you did it! Between late-night study sessions, on-campus or Zoom classes, and the hurdles you went through the last few years, we know how hard you worked to earn your undergraduate degree. Now that this chapter of your education has…

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Early Career

Facing a Quarter-Life Crisis? Strategize Your Way to a Better Career.

by Lisa Beebe

If you faced a career setback during the pandemic, or you’re feeling burned out at work, or you’re starting to wonder if you chose the wrong career, don’t panic. Feeling anxious about your life choices is totally normal.
Here’s how to get your career on the right track.

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