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College Student

5 Things Beyoncé Can Teach You About Courage

by Cindy Solomon

Beyoncé wasn’t always Beyoncé. Courage is what made her the businesswoman, pop deity, and modern (some say feminist) cultural role model she is today.

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Forté Sponsor News

Forté Welcomes Six Business School Sponsors Committed to Women’s Advancement

Effective July 1, 2014, the newest academic institutions to join the Forté community are: Arizona State University W.P. Carey School of Business, George Washington University School of Business, Ohio State University Fisher College of Business, Rice University Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business, University of Maryland Smith School of Business, and Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management.

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Early Career

Fail Upwards

by Angela Guido

We tend to hate failure because we don’t put it in the right perspective. We often internalize our shortcomings, deeming ourselves the failure, rather than recognizing that we simply fell short of our own objectives. When cast in the correct light, you can see that failure is no enemy; it is your greatest teacher.

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Share Your Story

Share Your Story: Maya Chendke

by Maya Chendke

Our first Share Your Story is from Maya, who just graduated from Rotman. Maya takes a look back at what made her go into business school and, more importantly, how her life changed while she was there.

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Introduce Yourself: Effective Networking Openers

by Angela Guido

Be flexible and improvise when you are meeting new people in a professional context.

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College Student

Do You Wanna Build a… Better To-Do List?

by Precillia Redmond

One of the tools that Precillia has adopted, both in her job as well as in her roles as a wife and mother to two young girls, is the “Four Ds” – Delete, Defer, Delegate, and Do.

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