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MBALaunchers Share Their Accepted Schools

tuckWe’ve been hearing over the past couple of months from our MBALaunch participants about their success in business school applications. Congratulations to our Launchers on their success!

I wanted to share that I was accepted into Harvard Business School today. I’m still in shock but absolutely thrilled about the news! I wanted to sincerely thank you both and the Forte Foundation for your support of MBA Launchers like myself. This is an incredible feeling, and it would not have been possible without the support of Forte and the MBALaunch program! Thank you very much!

I just wanted to share with you a good news: yesterday I received an offer from Rotman MBA!! They have accepted my application!!

I wanted to thank you: without you and Forte I would have never been in a position to apply to any of these schools, don`t even mention being accepted into it!

You have given me an incredible support and I am really thankful that I participated in the MBALaunch program and connected with Forte!! You are doing such an incredible job!

I just wanted to let you know that today I accepted my offer of admission from Columbia Business School! I applied early decision and was informed of my acceptance last week!

Thank you so much for providing all the resources through the Forte MBALaunch program. I feel strongly that the network I was able to build through the program helped motivate me through the application process. I look forward to giving back to the Forte community as an alum of the program.

I hope this note finds you well! I wanted to reach out to share some good news and to say thank you so much for everything you’ve done to support me and the other MBA Launchers this year. I ended up applying to Darden, Kellogg, and Wharton, and was admitted to all three last week. I am choosing between Kellogg and Wharton, and I feel so extremely fortunate for all of the preparation and accountability that the MBA launch program provided.

I hope you are doing well.  I am writing to let you know that I was accepted to MIT Sloan!  I am overjoyed and beyond excited to commit and attend.  It is truly a dream come true.

I know that the Forte MBALaunch program helped me to get in and I fully appreciate all of your help and efforts throughout my application process.

I look forward to staying in touch through the Forte network.

I hope that all is well.  Not sure when the next survey about school is released; however, I’ve received some fantastic news.

I was admitted to Northwestern for their JD/MBA program and to Dartmouth with a full fellowship (they are recommending me for the Forte Fellowship).

I wanted to share the good news!!  I just received a call from Pat Harrison at Tuck sharing that I have been accepted into their program for the fall!!!!

I am so grateful to Forte Foundation for giving us opportunities to connect with the Admissions Officers of Forte Schools, because that is actually where I met Pat for the first time.  She invited me to explore more about the school, and I took her up on the offer!  When I arrived on campus for the Women in Business Conference, I had another chance to talk to her about the school and really get to know one another.  It came full circle when she called me this morning and told me that I had a place in the incoming class this fall!

Thank you to everyone at Forte and to the MBALaunch program for giving women like me access to opportunities beyond even my wildest imagination.  I can’t believe it – I’m going to business school in the fall!!! It’s literally a dream come true. ^_^

5 Responses to “MBALaunchers Share Their Accepted Schools”

  1. Brooke

    As someone just beginning her MBALaunch journey, I found these announcements completely inspiring! So happy for you, ladies!

  2. Kathy

    Hello…. I was accepted into Duke University Fuqua School
    Of Business – CCMBA program. I have a BSc and MSc degree but I never thought I would be worthy to be admitted into Business School. The Risk I took is that Duke is the only school I applied to because the curriculum/program was a perfect fit for my job. Thankful to God the risk paid off….. I start in July 2016….. Yeah!!!

    Thank you Forte. You were my backbone throughout the whole process….

  3. Jackie

    Congratulations to all of this year’s MBALaunchers! I did MBALaunch 2014 and am now a student at Kellogg. You all have a great journey ahead of you — so excited!!

  4. Melissa

    Congratulations! I’m currently in MBALaunch 2016 and it’s great to see my fellow Launchers get into amazing programs!